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Kapani Newsletter | July 2020
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Here's the latest news from Kapani . Thank you for your continued support.

Wik Spanner's pre-employment mechanical program
Reflecting upon the 2019 works program undertaken on MDL2001, we identified the need to develop a unique introduction to mechanical training that was applicable to the vagaries faced while operating machinery in remote and challenging environments.

In February 2020, a tailored mechanical program was commenced within the Aurukun community that involved hands-on experience learning the application of tools, machinery maintenance, repair and operation. Thanks to Cape York Employment for assisting with the provision of equipment, in particular their backhoe, which saw a complete hydraulic refit and mechanical overhaul, and the Department of Communities premises, which enabled the trainees the use of a covered area to learn and apply tools to vehicles.

These lessons have now been highly valued on the ground, as the trainees are now employed on the mining lease and better skilled to deal with the day to day challenges. This program has assisted 6 Aurukun locals into employment.
Test Pit Digging
Working with Geologists and Soil Technicians is all in a day's work for the Kapani plant operators, out on the job. Critical to the development of the Bauxite mining project is the accurate collection of quality samples drawn from beneath the earths surface, at various levels.

This can only be done by skilled machine operators who possess the skills and knowledge to balance the environmental, cultural and occupational needs of the job. The Kapani team are proud to be able to apply a much needed skill set and work side by side with some of the best geologist and scientist in the Country.
Tha' pemp weechan - Track maintenance project
Since October last year, Kapani has been working with Glencore to develop a highly skilled community based workforce that meets the unique needs of the Glencore project.

Following Kapani’s training program earlier in the year, 5 graduates of that training progressed into employment as backhoe operators, tasked with maintaining the network or tracks and roads across the mining development lease. With around 87 kilometres of track and road throughout the MDL, this task is no easy feat, requiring the deployment of highly skilled operators that are trained to operate within the scope of mining procedures, environmental laws, and strict safety requirements.

The operators are the vanguard for a future of highly skilled machine operators, working on country and setting the highest standards in workforce professionalism, pride and productivity.
Finalist 2020 Queensland Reconciliation Awards
Kapani is proud to be a finalist in the business category of the 2020 Queensland Reconciliation Awards. Congratulations to all nominees this year.

The Queensland Reconciliation Awards recognises initiatives undertaken by businesses, community organisations, educational institutions and government going above and beyond their core business to foster reconciliation and pave the way for a better future for our state.

Kapani will continue to work with the men and women of the Cape York communities to achieve their goals.
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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia. We pay our respect to them, and to the Elders past and present.

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